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From 4G IP67 Rugged Routers to rugged IP67 enclosures for your specific hardware. Our offering is unique and specifically developed to suit harsh industrial environment requirements.

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IP67 4G Advanced Router or Rugged IP67 Enclosure to create rugged unit from your hardware, ready for harsh environment.

Rugged 4G IP67 Router

These hardened devices were designed to withstand vibrations and shock. The unit is internally suspended, thus need for external vibration dampers is eliminated. We use Advantech 4G Modular routers.

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Rugged IP67 Enclosure

We have choose the reliable components such as MIL-DTL-38999 or M12 connectors, Gore membrane and solid piece of high grade aluminium to create our enclosure. Ready to be used with wide range of cellular devices. 

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Internally Self-Suspended

Eliminate the need for anti-vibration mounts in most deployments. Reduce overall height. Ready to be installed.

Kit Available

Units are delivered as a complete kit with cable harness, 4-in-1 antenna and mounting hardware, including mounting brackets.

Custom Software on a Router

We can help you develop and deploy customised software for your application.


  • LTE/4GX (including band 28)
  • GPS
  • 2x PoE (25.5 W per port) - optional
  • WiFi
  • Up to 5x ETH ports
  • RS-232, RS-485
  • microSD card (up to 64GB)
  • 2x SIM
  • I/O (2x In, 1x Out)
  • USB 2.0 host port
  • Supply voltage: 10 to 60 VDC
  • Operating temp. -40 °C +75 °C


  • L 255mm x W 156mm x H 87mm


  • Antenna connectors: TNC
  • Data & Power: MIL-DTL-38999

Configure the Kit


Our standard kit consist of:

  • IDEGG Unit
  • Cable harness, cables protected by abrasion resistance sleeving
  • Mounting hardware for IDEGG unit (2 sizes of bolts and nuts)
  • Low profile multi element antenna
    • 2x Cellular LTE MIMO, 1x WiFi, 1x GPS
    • 3.5m long antenna cables with TNC connectors
    • Antenna cables protected by 3m fibreglass silicon coated sleeving
  • Antenna L-shape bracket (Stainless Steal 316L)
  • Antenna mounting hardware (bolts and nuts, Stainless Steal 316L)

Modification include sizes and quantity of mounting hardware and inclusion of other accessories to suit specific installation needs.

Make It Yours

Multi-pin Connectors

Use our standard pinout option or we can customise to suit your currently used cable harnesses and connector pinouts.

Top area of the housing

Add your logo, contact information, schematics and others.

M12 Connectors available

Want to Know More? It's Easy!

Download a datasheet or talk to us. We are exited about new ideas.

Need IP67 enclosure? 
Our service ensure you get it right!

Our custom pre-fabricated rugged enclosure is ready to accomodate wide variety of hardware.

How to Make IP67 Rugged Unit in 3 Steps

Thanks to our pre-fabricated components and flexible manufacturing process, we can Ruggedise It your unit easily.


Does it Fit?

If your device fit into our standard internal space dimensions 125 x 153 x  56 mm. The IDEGG v1 is ready.




The original, IP67, Gore membrane and multitude of options to expose the device interfaces.


Multi-pin connectors provide flexibility to suit any device. Multiple ethernet, serial ports and I/O port, etc.

Cable Harness

Our standard is to have all cables protected by abrasion resistance sleeving for easy of installation.



4 element antenna with 2x LTE, 1x WiFi, 1x GPS with 3.5m long cables in protective sleeve to avoid any cable damage during installation time.

Kit Options

Make it easy for your customers with all components (bolts, brackets, antenna, cables, etc.) included in the delivery. Ready to be installed. 


We install your unit the enclosure and label per your instructions. We label the cartons with your part no. and use your logo including installation manual.

Laser engraving and metal parts marking!

Another box vs Purpose build product.

Markings and identification of units, connectors and their pin-out is essential for speedy installation and troubleshooting. We use permanent metal marking methods to ensure the longevity and clear identification due to device service life.

Good practice is to include a support contact details, connector description and pin-out, branding and other information.

M12 Connectors

Option not to ignore.

M12 is a standard connector for many installations and we are not ignoring facts. If you need your devices with M12 connectors, we have a solution. 

To be as flexible as possible we prefer to use MIL-DTL-38999 as it provides pin-out flexibility. This is a great when multitude of interfaces needs to be exposed via a robust and reliable connector.

We supply M12 pre-terminated leads and kits. The cable harness can be fabricated as well to add abrasion protection the cables.

Does not fit?

Your hardware does not fit into our standard IDEGG v1 enclosure or you would prefer smaller footprint.

Our IDEGG v1 is quite a tall unit, which is able to house units with multiple PCB boards. Secondly the ergonomics of connector mounting is very good.
This might be an issue for some installations and thus we provide smaller enclosure for those cases. Please talk to us about your specific application.
We can accomodate any requirements the only difference is quantity required. The pricing will be different, but our services are quite affordable.
Give us a call.
From our experience, our solution is price competitive, usually significantly more economical than use of the shelf product.

Another significant advantage is you can utilise your preferred brand, even if the specific model is not offered in rugged variant.

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